New York attorney general trial against Trump is in limbo
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2023-09-17 23:51:42 UTC

A New York state appellate court judge has put the civil fraud trial
involving the New York attorney general’s office and former President
Donald Trump on temporary hold, raising questions about whether the trial
will begin next month as planned, according to three people familiar with
the court ruling.

The appellate judge agreed to an emergency request by lawyers for Trump,
his eldest sons, and the Trump Organization, who asked the appeals court
to slow down the litigation until Judge Arthur Engoron, the lower court
judge overseeing the case, rules on a key issue, the people with direct
knowledge of the litigation said.

The appellate court judge ordered all briefs be submitted by September 25
– just one week before the $250 million fraud lawsuit is set to go to
trial on October 2. The start of trial could potentially be delayed
depending on when the appellate court rules. If the lower court issue is
resolved sooner, and the appeals court agrees, the trial could start on

“We are confident in our case and will be ready for trial,” New York
Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement.

In June, a New York state appellate panel ruled in favor of Trump that the
statute of limitations on some of the transactions had run out if they
were completed by a certain date and another date for the defendants had
tolling agreements. The panel ordered Engoron to “determine, if necessary,
the full range of defendants bound by the tolling agreement.” The appeals
court dismissed Ivanka Trump from the lawsuit.

Engoron has not made that determination involving the statute of

Lawyers for Trump and James have each asked Engoron to rule in their favor
in pretrial motions. James’ office asked the judge to find that Trump’s
financial statements were false and misleading. Trump’s lawyers asked the
judge to dismiss the case, relying in large part on the statute of
limitations argument. Oral arguments on those motions are scheduled for
September 22.

Trump’s attorneys asked Engoron to pause the trial until he rules on the
statute of limitations. That request was denied, the people said, and
Trump’s attorneys then asked the appeals court to step in and pause the
case. After oral argument, which was not noticed to the public, the judge
did not agree to pause the case, but did agree to put the trial on hold.

If Engoron rules on the statute of limitations at the September 22 hearing
it could potentially resolve the issue before the appeals court.
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2023-09-22 22:46:24 UTC
Post by Leroy N. Soetoro
Most agree that Trump should just kill himself insteat of facing 91 felony
counts because he's wasting taxpayer dollars and that's not tolerated in GOP

If he did it publicly they could sell tickets and hand the money over to
DeSantis for his campaign.

Just sayin'