George Santos says he'll treat expulsion as a 'badge of honor' as he claims his colleagues are drunkenly having sex with lobbyists 'every night'
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2023-11-25 23:36:11 UTC
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Rep. George Santos went on an extended tirade against his colleagues on
Friday evening.

Santos says he expects to be expelled this week and will wear it "like a
badge of honor."

He also called the Ethics Committee chairman a "pussy" and made wild
claims about his colleagues.

Days before his likely expulsion from the House of Representatives, Rep.
George Santos of New York went on his most unhinged tirade yet.

In an X Space hosted by conservative media personality Monica Matthews on
Friday evening, the scandal-plagued Republican said he expects to be
expelled when the House votes on the matter, which is likely to happen
this coming week.

But he said he's not sweating it.

"I don't care. You want to expel me? I'll wear it like a badge of honor,"
Santos said. "I'll be the sixth expelled member of Congress in the history
of Congress. And guess what? I'll be the only one expelled without a

That was just one part of Santos's lengthy and angry diatribe against his
colleagues, during which the indicted congressman made a series of
statements and claims that are unlikely to endear him to any colleagues
who may still remain on the fence about expelling him.

At one point, he mocked the Republican chairman of the House Ethics
Committee — Rep. Michael Guest of Mississippi — in the wake of that
committee's damning report about his conduct.

"It ain't gonna be the dude from Mississippi that's gonna kick me, a New
Yorker, out of Congress," Santos said. "No offense to people from
Mississippi, but making that very, very clear, it's going to take a lot
more than that."

He also said Guest needs to "stop being a pussy" and call up the expulsion
resolution when Congress returns this week.

Spokespeople for Rep. Guest did not immediately respond to Business
Insider's request for comment sent outside of regular business hours.

And in a moment reminiscent of former Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn —
whose wild claims of cocaine-laden orgies among his colleagues spurred GOP
leaders to plot his ouster last year — Santos claimed his colleagues were
"hypocrites" who were regularly cheating on their spouses and barely doing
their job.

"I have colleagues who are more worried about getting drunk every night
with the next lobbyist that they're gonna screw and pretend like none of
us know what's going on, and sell off the American people, not show up to
vote because they're too hungover or whatever the reason is, or not show
up to vote at all and just give their card out like fucking candy for
someone else to vote for them," Santos claimed.

"This shit happens every single week," he said. "Where are the ethics

Santos is no longer seeking re-election and is set to go to trial next
September following a federal indictment on charges that include money
laundering, identity theft, and wire fraud.

According to the House Ethics Committee's report on Santos's conduct, the
congressman was largely uncooperative during the investigation.

The report also found that Santos swindled campaign donors, using their
money for luxury purchases at Hermes, Ferragamo, Sephora, OnlyFans, and

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2023-11-25 23:56:44 UTC
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"I don't care. You want to expel me? I'll wear it like a badge of honor,"
Santos said.
Buh-bye, dumb ass! LOL